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What a wonderful way to spend a quiet Tuesday then to visit downtown Pleasant Hill, CA, and most of all to catch the newest release of DC Comics’ Justice League at the Century Theaters.

Whats New: You will be pleasantly surprised, to find that there is a new presentation for seating at Century Theaters. There are wide isles for passing and walls that protect seated people from being kicked from behind. What a relief that people can pass without having to climb over other movie devotees, and/or making seated people contort their bodies to make way for bathroom goers to pass. In addition, it does make a big difference, to find and sit in the comfort of cushioned recliners. It’s totally changed the whole movie watching experience, so comfy and cozy. Now watching the movie is so much more enjoyable. Imagine not having someone kicking you from behind, stepping over you, or hitting you in the head from above by moving bodies from the isle above. This new format, which is a marked improvement, is said to be implemented for the all the theaters and by Christmas. If you want to experience it, then watch Justice League in Theater #1.

Speaking of Justice League: being a big fan of Wonder Woman I was eager to see her again, and she did not disappoint. Her character, strength and special gift was just as important as her male counter parts. Nowadays, it seems the world is full of injustice. It felt good to have a superhero league that stood for the greater good to protect humanity. However, the characters like us weren’t perfect. Each had their own weaknesses and flaws, but overcame them as they united their strengths and special abilities to fight the evil that threatens to destroy our world. This was the theme in the world of comic book reading, defenders of those lesser, weaker and in danger. Maybe we can be touched by this message as a by product of our being entertained?

By Mary Ann Cadorna Copyright 2017