What is the difference between how we take care of our family versus our clients? Do you put their needs first, make sure they are safe and that their future is taken care of. This is how I take care of my clients and in real estate there are no industry accolades for doing what’s best or what’s right for your clients. The reward comes from knowing that I did my best to put my buyers/sellers/investors in the best position possible. In a large purchase money game of buying and selling homes, the gain for my clients is having me as their Realtor. The rest comes from living a happy life in a home they never thought they could have had, or appreciation that is changing their lives in their 30’s. So it’s not in doing what is easy for myself it’s in doing the hard work so that my clients can live an easier life because of my efforts. I made a live changing difference and that is a reward no industry award can compete with. Need a Realtor that can make a difference for your clients? All you have to do is call Mary Ann Cadorna – San Fran Mary Ann 415-810-1888 ©Mary Ann Cadorna April 14, 2018. www.SanFranMaryAnn.com

When my wife and I decided to buy our first home we went straight to Mary Ann! From our first meeting to getting our keys Mary Ann was with us every step of the way. 
At our first meeting she asked my wife and I what our goals were and plans for the future, I thought this was just small talk but was told that she will find us home based on our plans, goals and budget. 

Don’t waste another minute with the rest and go for the best,