Fillmore Jazz Festival 2017 Summer of Love is the Theme Again.

Fillmore Jazz Festival 2017 Summer of Love is again the theme. Fillmore Street from Eddy all the way to Jackson Streets (13 blocks) was sequestered for a San Francisco moment. It was a beautiful morning, where anticipation met with the wonderful aroma of food flavorings in the air. For 33 years this event has been embraced by this special neighborhood of resident’s shops, and restaurants.

It was a cultural gathering of food, Artisans and music. So many attending to experience what you can’t anywhere else! What the vibe was then in the city by the bay 50 years ago is still there now. An openness to be together share a moment where we are all as one in music, food, spirits and spirit! There were six designated locations for entertainment, I was at the California Street Jazz central where from 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM local and guest musicians fed our souls with their musical offerings.

The music was good to great and we all moved and rocked to the notes that touched our hearts, it brought us back 50 years to the future of the present day. The Steve Restivo Events are well organized and made not to disappoint. What I took away from the day was the integration of humanity in love & peace, making warm human connections (selfies) and the strings of my/our hearts being touched by the performances that harkened to a San Francisco past that we celebrated once again.

By Mary Ann Cadorna ©July 3, 2017