Cinco de Michael Kors


Cinco de Michael Kors Mary Ann Cadorna a Celebration of Style.

May 6, 2018

As we enter the Summer Season we are more casual, and yet we can still be fashionable with Michael Kors Ready-to-Wear Collection. Check out my fashion choices and how from clothing, to hand bags and shoes, Michael Kors has you covered in style. Yes you can be sweet and sexy at sixty in Micheal Kors Ready-to-Wear. By Mary Ann Cadorna – www.BIZ.STYLE © May 5, 2018


Once you choose your main pieces like the white denim pants and jacket, you can add Michael Kors white canvas sandals and a little pop of color with one of his designer bags too. From top to toe your summer look is ready with Ready-to-Wear by Michael Kors of course! By Mary Ann Cadorna – www.BIZ.STYLE © May 5, 2018



Once you have your Michael Kors Ready-to-Wear outfit selected you can always reflect on how it makes you feel.Feeling good from the inside out is important and sometimes a little boost of fashion can help you feel good inside and out! By Mary Ann Cadorna – www.BIZ.STYLE © May 5, 2018




Okay, you’ve got to have a little fun with your Michael Kors Read-to-Wear, remember you have to be able to move and enjoy what you are wearing. So go have fun in the sun and with Michael Kors your comfort battle is won! By Mary Ann Cadorna – www.BIZ.STYLE © May 5, 2018


You can still be cool in a summer sweater, with feminine features like bell cuffs and a large ruffle at the bottom. It makes for an accent that accentuates your figure, and with a delicate color palette like lavender you will not only be cool you will be refreshed. By Mary Ann Cadorna – www.BIZ.STYLE© May 5, 2018






Speaking of cool, how about pastel blues in different hues. Michael Kors Ready-to-Wear has got your summer look covered. My rule above “Be Wize Accessorize” and make sure if you have gold or silver accents on your clothing you match your jewelry accordingly. In this case the jacket has now popped because you matched the silver zippers and buckle with a silver Michael Kors evening hand bag, and silver sparkling evening foot wear. Which answers a fashion question can you mix day and night, in this case you can take it from the day and far into the night. By Mary Ann Cadorna – www.BIZ.STYLE © May 5, 2018


New day Flower Child, means floral accents make for subtle and yet a pattern filled  fashion statement nonetheless. Adding the Michael Kors hand bag with the flowers too, and his foot wear makes you a true flower child for fashion. You can’t miss with what I call Michael Kors Kasual Ready-to-Wear. By Mary Ann Cadorna – www.BIZ.STYLE © May 5, 2018





I’m ready to have fun and it’s easy and breezy in Michael Kors Ready-to-Wear are you? Macy’s has got you covered, 2nd floor at Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek. There is still time to take advantage of the Saturday May 5th and Michael Kors Summer event from May 3rd – May 14th, which is 25% off Handbags, Accessories, Footwear, Ready-to-Wear, Menswear and Men’s accessories! Just in time for Mother’s Day! By Mary Ann Cadorna – www.BIZ.STYLE © May 5, 2018


I love putting outfits together, and the Michael Kors department of Macy’s Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek loves me doing so. Here with a Michael Kors designer back pack and matching foot wear, and pants with a little lace trim to break up the stripes and a top I chose to bring it all in. You can compete being cute and sweet in Michael Kors summer collection. By Mary Ann Cadorna – www.BIZ.STYLE © May 5, 2018



Ready for a weekend get-away? Just hit the Michael Kors Ready-to-Wear rack on the 2nd floor of Macy’s in Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek. You see all I’ve done is kept the bag, shoes, pants and added a bright red large ruffled shoulder blouse and now I have two outfits, with just one blouse change. Sweet can compete in an Michael Kors Read-to-Wear outfit coordinated with Michael Kors accessories. By Mary Ann Cadorna – www.BIZ.STYLE © May 5, 2018



You can say yes to the Michael Kors Kasual little flower print dress, and if you can as I say in my blog “Be Wize Accessorize” with his designer hand bag and foot wear, you can compete and be sweet for the summer season, so make it a great one by feeling great in Michael Kors Read-to-Wear Collection. By Mary Ann Cadorna – www.BIZ.STYLE © May 5, 2018



It’s okay to shoulder the issue of some extra skin, for you can win with Michael Kors Ready-to-Wear collection. Now you can take this dress into the evening by adding sparkle and bling, by taking the gold sparkle accents from the letters on the bag and bringing it to pop-up with the golden bling shoes. Michael Kors fashions enhanced with Michael Kors Accessories, it’s a fashion bling-win-win. By Mary Ann Cadorna – www.BIZ.STYLE © May 5, 2018



I LOVE Fashion, and as a little girl, I wanted to be a fashion designer always drawing sketches of dresses and wardrobes that I designed. Later on in my tweens, I dreamed of being a fashion model for Sixteen Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. However, it would be many decades later that serendipity would bring me to achieve one of those desires, which is modeling for Macy’s Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek and their Michael Kors Ready-to-Wear collection. It began with sharing my desire to start a fashion blog  for Macy’s fashion because of my ability to put stylish outfits together. www.BIZ.STYLE was a domain name I purchased five years ago. Since then I’ve been patiently waiting and wanting for a reason to bring it to life. Now my desire for a fashion blog along with my dream to be a fashion model have both come true at the same time. So no matter what life hands you, keep the love and joy for living in your heart, never give up your dreams and to avoid becoming bitter, you’ve got to work on becoming better! My testimony is, it’s always better later than never! You see, there is no greater joy than to be finally doing what you love, and having passion is always in fashion. By Mary Ann Cadorna – www.BIZ.STYLE © May 5, 2018



This is the picture that started it all and in front of Michael Kors, this was an outfit I put together from Macy’s. So there began the Macy’s – Michael Kors connection. By Mary Ann Cadorna – www.BIZ.STYLE © May 5, 2018