ABOUT TOWN with San Fran Mary Ann and 11th District Supervisor Asha Safia.The event was the 2nd Annual COMMUNITY NIGHT OUT hosted by the Ingelside SFPD. Growing up in the city, events like these were never held and it’s nice to see the change. As with anything human in life if there is no relationship, then understanding is a bridge that is rarely crossed. With the current political climate, communities need to know that the “preserve & protect” purpose of the police protection isn’t lost. Citizens want to feel safe where they live, and having a good and close relationship with the police department helps to ease their fears, reduce tensions so that they can feel protected. Here with 11th District Asha Safia and the Ingleside Police Station Officers, recruits, attendees and community people. By Mary Ann Cadorna – San Fran Mary Ann© May 19, 2018