Another Kitchen trend for 2018 is Marble counter tops. It’s natural striations remind me of Carly Simon’s song “Your So Vein,” okay a different vain, but it’s the sought after trend with this nature made hard surface. Marble is known for it’s veining, and the fact is that it’s softer than it’s brother stone known as granite.

Because of granite’s crystalline makeup, it flexes the hard bicep of being the strongest stone. So instead of veins granite has flecks. One can truly appreciate it’s earthly stone aged history. It took millions of years for mother nature to form these rocks, and now used as slab beauties we call counter tops. 

Although marble is more porous and stains easier, both stones hold the cold and great for dough, if you don’t mind spending the dough for your pie crust and candy making pleasure. 

However, both stones will stain from oil and colored foods over time, and marble more susceptible. As for maintenance, yes, they will need to be sealed once a year.

Kitchens are a place of labor, but when you ad natural stone beauty and create a luxurious environment you feel elevated, and elated. Inspired to take you from the mundane of cooking to the luxury of marble cuisine. By Mary Ann Cadorna – San Fran Mary Ann © May 25, 2018