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“We will have world peace when women are the leaders.” -Daisaku Ikeda


Prancing Ponies Foundation’s mission is ‘Creating Women Leaders One Girl at a Time’.


We are committed to using innovative methods of delivery to effectively teach leadership skills and competencies that increase self-esteem, self-confidence, and critical thinking in girls.  We are committed to creating a world inclusive of women in all levels of leadership within the engineering and automotive industries.


Prancing Ponies Foundation will teach leadership skills to 1000 girls worldwide by 2020. Creating a community of future women leaders that receive lifelong support from Prancing Ponies Foundation and who give back to their community by mentoring and supporting their younger Prancing Sisters.


In 2005, there were a total of 21,275 females awarded bachelor degrees in engineering but only 937 were African American, 2,225 were Hispanic, and 3,106 were Asian. The Prancing Ponies Leadership-Abroad and Online Leadership Academy seeks to bring value to high school girls and aspiring engineers by supplementing their education with knowledge and skills to enable them to pursue leadership roles within their future companies and industries. (Yoder, Brian; Engineering by the Numbers,


“We will not accept a world where decisions about our future are made in rooms girls cannot enter.” -Malala

In today’s corporate, educational, and political institutions, it’s clear we need more women leaders now more than ever to provide a more balanced perspective along with compassion and critical thinking to our most influential institutions.  Recently, we’ve seen an extreme example of the need for more women leaders when national decisions about US healthcare was made in a room that contained no women.  Women are also still dealing with the pay gap in most Western countries and access to basic education in other parts of the world.

Prancing Ponies Foundation is committed to teaching girls how to lead themselves before they lead others with basic leadership skills like time management, managing a budget/investments, doing presentations, selling business ideas, and gaining international work experience while providing them mentoring and various assignments to personalize their learning experience abroad.

Prancing Ponies Foundation provides young girls an opportunity to understand what authentic leadership requires and learn skills necessary to critically think and make good decisions which will result in future leadership roles in college and their careers. Once in Leadership positions, they can begin to sustainably address current social inequities Women experience every day.  We strategically select college bound high school girls from low income communities to engage their openness to new experiences.  It’s during this time that if girls come to believe they can be Leaders and are provided the necessary skills and information – they will more than likely, become Leaders.

We are prepared to do whatever it takes to accomplish our mission of Creating Women Leaders One Girl at a Time.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” -Albert Einstein


The idea for the Foundation stems from an experience in San Francisco where I was at a stop sign next to a bus stop watching 3 teenage girls and reminiscing about my own experience as a teenager.  The girls suddenly grew silent and I noticed they were looking at me.  One of the girls said ‘Miss, I like your car’ and without knowing where this came from I said ‘I expect you to get one too’.  Our eyes locked and I’ll never forget her little face as she slowly nodded in agreement.  I knew in that moment there was a real connection made with her and that I could use my Ferrari to inspire young girls.  It’s a dream to be able to combine my passion for helping teenage girls become leaders and driving my Ferrari – actually I’ve come to realize it’s my life’s purpose. My first experience living abroad changed my life forever when I moved to Monaco to obtain my MBA in Entrepreneurship in 2007. My resulting success through hard work combined with my international business experience, culminated in my becoming the first employee of a startup biotech. I then purchased my first Ferrari and the concept for the Prancing Ponies Foundation and its fundraisers the Prancing Ponies Rally and Prancing Ponies Car Show was born.


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Our previous generations of women have failed us.

The 60’s and 70’s civil & feminist movements opened the way to social and professional evolution for women. Yet, today, it takes twice as much time for a woman to reach an executive or leadership level as for a man, and women are clearly under-represented at the political level and on company boards.

Why are we facing the same issues again and again?

We started taking control of many domains of our lives decades ago so blaming men is no longer an option.  Let’s start asking the right questions to find solutions facilitating the empowerment of women in modern society. One of them is a harsh one but we feel comfortable asking it, without blame or judgment:

Have you mentored one girl in your lifetime?

Corporate, societal and political conditioning have in some insidious way concentrated our attention on fighting instead of helping, on keeping quiet instead of speaking up, on fearing instead of welcoming.

As we are so busy building our careers, we tend to forget:

  • that women would not have had to fight so hard if the previous generation mentored us and taught us everything they know
  • that we would feel more supported managing young girls we have mentored and helped reach the top instead of fearing a younger, smarter, prettier woman would take our place at work.
  • that we collectively have the duty to ensure the next generation has all of the skills and knowledge we now possess so that younger women are in positions to make decisions which will affect our lives as we age.

This is why Prancing Ponies exists. In order for us to move forward we can no longer advance our careers alone.  We have to bring at least 1 girl on the journey with us.  That’s why our mission is “Creating Women Leaders One Girl at a Time’. We have to take responsibility to teach our girls what we know so that they don’t waste ten years learning how to run meetings, negotiate their salaries and manage their careers.

Prancing Ponies is ready for this challenge. Our mentoring and leadership programs are already helping smart young women shape their professional lives efficiently, but we want to do more and for more girls.

We need your help to continue the work. We need you to imagine what would happen if today, each experienced women would mentor one girl so that she reaches a leadership position in the future. We need you to envision what our country and the world would be with countless women in influential positions, not twenty years from now, tomorrow.

Are you ready to support a real solution to create a world where you, your daughter, your niece or younger friends will have a place and a voice? Are you ready to stop perpetuating gender inequality?

Then together – help us create a sustainable solution.

Together, we can ‘Create a Pipeline of Women Leaders One Girl at a Time’!